Exciting time for me to have the opportunity to dial into a Tele-Press conference with Paula Jai Parker, Lisa Wu, Malika Haqq, Countess Vaughn, Carlos King, Robyn Green Arrington, and Lamar Chase from TV One’s Hollywood Diva’s. Season 3 premieres Wednesday, July 6 at 9 pm. During this call I was given updates on all of the Divas, and what they’re currently working on, and what we can see from them this season.


Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow, Friday)
Lisa Wu (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
Malika Haqq (ATL, Keeping Up with The Kardashians)
Countess Vaughn (The Parkers, Moesha)
Golden Brooks (Girlfriends) –Not present on the Call

Executive Producer: Carlos King
Director, Original Programming & Production for TV One: Lamar Chase
VP, Original Programming & Production for TV One: Robyn Green Arrington


Elise Neal is out. Malika Haqq is the newest Hollywood Diva to join the cast. Haqq is best known for her breakout role in ATL with her twin sister and her appearances on E’s long-running show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. The show catches up with the leading ladies as they take their growing success to new heights.


LISA WU: This season will come with lots of changes and surprises. There will be disappointments, we will see her dating and her love life. Currently working on an animated and a theatrical project.

How Have You Grown: “More resilient and won’t allow anyone to put me in a box.”

Definition of Being Fabulous and Over 40: “Being confident in yourself and comfortable with your insecurities and embrace them. “

Growth from Season 1: “There was a misconception that I had only done Real Housewives of Atlanta. They didn’t know of the work I had done prior to being a Housewife of Atlanta. Lots of misinformation.”

On Season 3: “Working through relationships. I will address issues. I am not the type to hold stuff in and I must confront and communicate my feelings.

Fashion: “I tend to go rogue. I dress how I feel. Wear what I want and likes to be comfortable.


COUNTESS VAUGHN: “Been discovering my own voice. Dealing with this thyroid disorder and my father’s illness. Lisa was very helpful in helping me explore and discover my creative side.”

Countess on the Disconnect with Malika: “I was upset at the fact that Malika thought I was standoffish. When I go into work mode I have tunnel vision and it comes off as standoffish. But we are cool now and Malika is a sweet girl.”

What Does Being Apart of this Show Mean to You: “This show displays the wonderful relationship between Black women. To show love regardless of the negativity.”

Biggest Challenge: “Regardless of the challenges I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t do it. Just trying to be in the music business, not trying to be Beyonce’ or anything like that, but want to express myself.”

Fashion: “Always having to be talked out of my UGG’s. They’re super comfortable and I don’t like to take them off. I like simple skirts. I still have a big girl mentality so, sometimes I shop for the wrong size and clothes fall off of me.”


PAULA JAI PARKER: Veteran in the game. Everyone’s journey is filled with highs and lows. People can relate to her speaking her truths. “I’m thankful to Carlos (King) for the opportunity to be able to reinvent myself. Was type-casted as the confident Hoochie Mama for so long. Started this season with a cancelled show and now cast on Ray Donovan. You will also see me rapping this season.”


MALIKA HAQQ: “I was apprehensive about moving on and jumping out without my twin sister. It’s always great when someone (Carlos King) to sees something in me that I didn’t see herself. I’m growing confident in myself. If you just don’t quit, the talent is still there. I backed up from the industry for a while and stayed in reality because it’s was safe and pays the bills. It’s so great to be on the show and surrounded by a great group of women. I had a really good time this season. “

What People May Not Know About You: “I honestly think that people don’t know me. On reality TV they only got to see one side of me. With this show, I now have the opportunity to show my side and the challenges I face. I’m quiet, so when I speak it’s from the heart. Also, I realized that you don’t have to leave one area to be successful in another.”

Malika on Her New Cast Mates:

Countess: “Her confidence is great. Coming from being a child star, it’s great how she pushes through challenges.”

Lisa: “Always the most balanced person. She is funny as hell. She has a way of changing anyone’s resolve.”

Paula: “She has an energy that is fun, but will go serious on you. She speaks from a very passionate place. She is a lot like me when she speaks she speaks from the heart.”

Golden: “I have learned how to bond through her.”

Fashion: “Cute, with a hint of sexy. Learning how to embrace my body because I have always been skinny. I will buy the same things over and over. I’m sexier and I’m not mad. I’m going through changes in wardrobe and life.”

Who Are You Looking Forward to Guest Appearances By? “Always excited to have my inner circle surround me. Khloe makes an appearance as well as Cassie. This gives them a chance to get to know the Divas like I have gotten to know them.”



CARLOS KING: “With this season we are getting back to our roots. These women are all actors and we are getting back to the acting. With Malika as a part of young Black Hollywood and discovering how she has grown. We will be tackling the issues in Hollywood. This show is my baby. With this show, I wanted to show women in the right light.”

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