I am excited about the Power season three premiere this Sunday, July 17 at 9 pm on STARZ. Earlier this year, I heard so many great things about this show, now I don’t always listen when people make TV recommendations but, I am glad that I did listen to this one. I binged watched the first two seasons so that I could be ready for the season three premiere. If the season two ending didn’t give fans a glimpse into Ghost’s future, then the trailer will certainly have our nerves rattled.

Power season three finds James “Ghost” St. Patrick at odds with everyone including his former partner and brother Tommy Eagan and ends with the conclusion: GHOST MUST DIE!

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Season three will begin with James St. Patrick as the owner of new nightclubs, out of the drug game, and in a rekindled relationship with his first love, Angela, the AUSA sworn to bring him to justice. Just as they begin to believe James’ past criminal persona of “Ghost” may finally be behind them, both are forced to face the consequences of running from a life from which no one gets away clean, especially with the fate of Kanan, and the motives of Lobos remaining a mystery. Tommy has just reunited with his newly returned love, Holly, but he must attempt the task to not only rebuild Lobos’ devastated drug organization but to kill Ghost turning brother against brother.

With her marriage to James in shambles, Tasha adapts to life without her husband by her side. She finds new purpose with old skills while trying to protect her children from the repercussions of life in the drug game and Ghost’s past decisions. Ghost is on the verge of having everything he’s ever wanted, but will this new phase of James St. Patrick’s life end before it begins with old sins and the life of “Ghost” coming back to haunt him?


“Tommy’s loyalty will be the central story of the premiere episode of season three. People follow the Tommy story because it’s a street story. You don’t know what’s coming from Tommy because he is real, raw and natural. He’s not calculating or manipulative, he’s the most honest and most loyal character in the show. The only question is, will he be all of that this season.”

“Season two finale saw the return of Kanan who used to mentor both Ghost and Tommy. Kanan is bent on having his revenge on the Ghost who thought he has left him for dead. On the surprise twist, it is a great idea to bring up Kanan now that Tommy is on his own. Tommy is in a vulnerable place but would he see through the manipulation of Kanan? Aside from the feud between the two lead characters, you can expect a lot of love, whether that is good or bad to you.” –Joseph Sikora (Tommy Eagan)

“Ghost has no idea how to just be James, and how to let go of his Ghost persona entirely. He doesn’t know how to go straight. The theme of the season is ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ But is there something within Ghost that keeps him from being that person he wants to be?” –Creator and showrunner Courtney Kemp told EW.

"Power" Season Two Series Premiere - Arrivals
NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 02: Lela Loren, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, Joseph Sikora, Courtney Kemp Agboh, Omari Hardwick, and Naturi Naughton (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Don’t miss this explosive season premiere to see if ‘GHOST’S REALLY DO DIE’!

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