As a lover of movies and a screenwriter myself, I love when I am exposed to independent films, especially black films. I had the pleasure of being introduced to this great film by Nicolle Whalen by Brely Evans called EMERGENCY CONTACT. I have to thank you, Brely Evans, for exposing me to and posting the link to the great film. Thank you, Nicolle Whalen, for writing a script that basically describes my life in a way.


Roxanna Biltmore: Thomasina Atkins (Goo Goo)
Vince Cotton: Issac Keys
Trey Manchester: Trae Ireland
Ruthie Biltmore: Vanessa Bell Calloway
Lacy Biltmore-Ray: Brely Evans

PRODUCED BY: Nicolle Whalen (Nikki Whalen on IMDB)


Thomasina Atkins, known as Goo Goo has her breakthrough role as Roxanna Biltmore, a saucy hopeless romantic who tries every trick in the book to avoid remaining alone. After being prompted by her mother Ruthie Biltmore (Vanessa Bell Calloway), Roxanna reaches out to her high school crush, Trey (Trae Ireland). Once her sister, Lacy Biltmore-Ray (Brely Evans) gets wind of Roxanna’s stupid decision she gives her and earful. Things get even more complicated for Roxanna when she randomly meets Vince Cotton (Issac Keys).

Roxanna is a woman who knows what she wants out of life, and having to sign her mother’s name as her EMERGENCY CONTACT after turning 33 years old is no longer an option.

Can 30-something Roxanna Biltmore handle the matters of her heart concerning her high school crush or will she try something new with Vince Cotton? Watch this woman go from NO emergency contacts to two.


This film struck something in me because I can identify with Roxanna. As someone in my 30’s I know what it feels like to be climbing in age and have no prospects on board. It’s funny how we will think about settling for someone just because we are climbing in age. Like Roxanna, she let people get in her head and allowed herself to get desperate enough to reach out to Trey. In reality, Trey hadn’t treated her well in the past and left her during a tough time but when you have no prospects on the horizon anyone can seem like a good choice.

I never really gave thoughts to me always putting my mom down as my emergency contact until I watched this film. But I can say that in every state that I have lived in (3) I have always listed someone local in additional to my mom. Someone told me to go ahead and just settle because I wasn’t getting any younger but I refuse to settle for someone just because of my age or to get an EMERGENCY CONTACT.

This film is a definite must see and has been entered into the FANBOY FILM FESTIVAL online. PLEASE GO, WATCH and VOTE for this film for best feature: http://fanboyfilmfestival.com/watch/1126


The founders of the Fan Boy Film Festival are straight up geeks who love movies.

Movies rock! And you know what rocks more? The filmmakers who take a chance to be creative and make films. We respect filmmakers and want to praise new and innovative films. We love filmmakers who are passionate, take everything they’ve got and put it into their films. We are fans of your work!


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