Dwayne Boyd’s 1st Annual Summer Film Camp


I have to say attending the Red Carpet Premier and watching their short film, KARMIN’S SELFIE was not only amazing but also inspiring. I worked at a similar camp last year and it did not run as smoothly, effectively or produced this type of result as this camp did. These kids achieved a feat that a lot of adults can’t even accomplish in this short period of time. Within this camp the kids wrote, produced and shot a short film, participated in post-production activities including editing, marketing, and distribution and coordinated a red carpet premier for a showing of the film they created in the Porter Sanford Theatre on the weekend of the last weekend of the camp. The red carpet premier included photos, interviews, and a Q & A with the cast and crew after the film.



Dwayne Boyd (Founder and Producer)
Quincy Kelly
Rahmana Finney (Camp Director)
Michael Finn
Kendra Woodard
Larry Rhem
Jennifer Renee


Samuel King
Lali Finney
Ethan Paul
Luke Hardeman
Alyssa Davenport
Zoie Rae
Marley Taylor
Summer Fontana
Larry Rhem
Heaven Jones

As a kid, I was very artsy and liked to read and write and wasn’t into the traditional activities that other kids were interested in. In middle and high school, I began to dissect television shows like no one else. I loved dialogue from a young age, I was always thought of to be weird because I wasn’t into the usual kid stuff like fashion, boys, and sex, but into trying to write and rewinding my favorite programs to dissect dialogue after school. I wish there was a camp available like this when I was growing up. I love the positivity that this camp promoted with the kids because truly in this day and age they could be doing anything.

IMG_2013 (1)

The Participants of the 1st annual Summer Film Camp


Premier Actor’s Network prides itself on being one of the best acting schools in Atlanta, GA. Instructor and founder Dwayne Boyd, a working professional actor with over 11 years of experience, helps students to reach their maximum potential by focusing on a large array of skills that every actor needs in order to make it in the business.

They help actors to develop the ability to display sincerity in every character that they become. They specialize in cold reading techniques that prepare an actor for an audition, one of the first steps to becoming a working actor. They also perform on camera work and cover monologues, improvisations and character development to prepare for roles in TV, film, commercials and theatre.

Established in 2003, the Premier Actor’s Network strives for excellence in their art and will help take others to the next level. Their motto is “Don’t just work at becoming great, BE GREAT.”


Group Hug: A cast and crew that has become family. #PANFAM






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