I had the honor and privilege of meeting Zoie Rae at the premiere of Karmin’s Selfie, a comedy horror short film done by the participants of Dwayne Boyd’s Summer Film Camp where she played Ditra. This amazingly talented 10-year-old captured me as she jumped off the screen and worked the premiere like a pro with such confidence. She is a natural entertainer for sure.

Zoie is multi-talented and a straight A student. To be the best you have to train with the best which she does. She trains with Dwayne Boyd’s Premier Actor’s Network which prides itself as being one of the best acting schools in Atlanta. In addition to honing her acting craft, she studies at the Kameo Production Dance Studio where she has mastered tap, jazz, and hip-hop. In order to become the best and be the best, it’s important for her to be trained in several areas.

Zoie began her career shortly after she was born in December 2008 in a print aid for PB & J Magazine as a principal. Since then she has taken on not only print but also commercial, stage, web, TV and film projects. In 2016, Zoie has done 3 short films (Karmin’s Selfie, Smoke and Mirrors, and Defending Daddy) and a stage production (“A Conversation with Living Legends”) already. Managed by Acuity Entertainment and represented by J Pervis Talent Agency, this young lady is definitely on the rise and our next big kid star. Be sure to follow her on social media to follow her journey to the top.

Facebook: Zoie Rae
Instagram: iamzoierae

Acuity Entertainment MGMT

J Pervis Talent Agency



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