I had the honor and extreme privilege to meet and speak with the amazingly talented and humble actress Briana Starks. I first encountered her on Instagram when she reached out to us about her upcoming play The Hole Runs Deep coming this Labor Day weekend. I admire her for being bold enough to do that, everyone wouldn’t put themselves out there like that. After speaking with her she is definitely a natural actress for sure.

Originally from Sacramento, California, Briana relocated to Atlanta over 10 years and has been going full force with her acting for 6 years now. She has always had a love for the arts beginning as a cheerleader and a dancer in California. She auditioned for Grease but the funny thing about that is you need to know how to sing for a big role and she’s more of a shower singer, but she was cast as a background dancer.


Listening to her talk about her craft, the story that sticks out is how she was cast in HBO’s Bessie starring Queen Latifah. Briana was working as a nanny at the time and was at Piedmont Park here in Atlanta where she ran into Monique who she later discovered was also in the film. That was enough confirmation for her to leave the fear behind and submit for the supporting role of Ma’s Dancer. That Friday she watched Queen Latifah’s talk show and she mentioned her name “Briana” randomly and she knew it was meant to be. So after a hectically crazy week and thinking, she didn’t get the role she got an email from her agent saying she was booked. So it just goes to show to not ignore the signs and don’t doubt yourself.

Briana also makes sure that she does get her training in by working with the best, including Nick Conti at the Pro Actors Studios and currently with Dwayne Boyd at the Premier Actors Network among others. In addition to acting, she does possess a special skill in dancing specifically hip-hop.

Upcoming for Briana is a stage play by Natalie Simone titled The Hole Runs Deep Labor Day Weekend where she plays the lead role of Genine.


Genine is getting older and feels it is time to settle down. I know all about that. She wants the fairy tale family with the white picket fence and she knows Robert can give that to her. Unfortunately, Genine just can’t seem to cut ties with her high school sweetheart Dexter- a bad boy with good looks and good loving that’s all he can ever offer because he already has a wife, an ex-wife and three kids.

Robert wants a good and wholesome girl, and he thinks he found it with Genine who is doing her best to be that girl to him. Too bad Dexter is making it so hard for her to play that part.

On How She is Similar to Her Character Genine:
She likes hard, but definitely not the type to sleep with a married man. But she is like most of us women when we hold onto to someone too long and have a hard time letting go.

Also on the horizon for Briana is her directorial debut in a short film that is already cast and will start production at the end of September. Managed by Acuity Entertainment and represented by J Pervis Talent Agency, this woman is definitely on the rise and our next leading lady. Be sure to check her out in The Hole Runs Deep, Sept. 2-4 at Mark Squared Studios in Tucker, GA. (Tickets sold at and follow her on social media as we watch her continue to rise to the top.

“When I act I love being able to affect and inspire people.”

Instagram: starbri
Facebook: Briana Starks

J Pervis Talent Agency
949 Image Avenue, Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30318

Acuity Management
Gail Tassle

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