I first met Graylon when I was a youth leader at Faith Christian Center in Orlando, FL. From the first meeting, I knew that Graylon was full of energy, had a love for God, and was passionate about music. His musical gift is amazing and it doesn’t just include rapping, but singing and making his own customized beats. This dude is a beast. Graylon is the epitome of knowing what your purpose is and following it. I admire him for knowing what he is called to do and going after it.

“I love Music! I love Christ even more!!! Music + Christ = my purpose!”


I love Graylon’s positivity and his ability to see the good in everything. That is truly the way to be and I commend him for that, especially in the music industry. That is not an easy thing to do. Graylon always strives for greatness and encourages others to do so as well. He is currently a Rapper/Producer at Music for Life, an advocate for change at his church H20 in Orlando, working on beats as well as releasing new music soon.

With his love for God and his passion for music, I know this young man will go far. I am honored to know him. This is a talented young man that you definitely want to follow.

You can check out Graylon’s music and download  his EP for free on and

Also follow him on social media to follow his journey to the top.
Instagram: sirgraylon
Facebook: Graylon Jefferson
Twitter: IamGraylon
Youtube: YoungGod0


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