I grew up listening to the Bad Boy Family. I knew all of the songs and the signature dance moves. I was beyond excited to attend the Beauty Chronicles Women’s Empowerment Brunch featuring the Women of Bad Boy! As the ATL prepares for the arrival of the Bad Boy Family Tour on Thursday evening at Phillps Arena, the Women of Bad Boy (Pam, Keisha, and Kima from Total, Faith Evans, and special guest Nicci Gilbert) took time out of their tour schedule to empower and encourage women at Marietta’s New Theater.


It’s great seeing these ladies supporting each other and providing platforms for other ladies to showcase their talent. After years of giving people great music, dope dance moves, and an amazing tour, it’s their words of faith, empowerment, and encouragement that will leave a lasting imprint on women to be their most authentic selves. Sisterhood is so important and these ladies have stayed connected through the years and supported each other through their personal ups and downs. Pam from the group Total said it best, “Embrace Your Differences and Love Yourself First!”

The Powerful moment came when Kelly Price took the stage and shared encouraging words with the ladies and then sang as only Kelly Price can sing and closed it out.


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