I had the pleasure of meeting Jocelyn at a #CreatorsConnect Mixer sponsored by Blossom and Damn Write Originals. I was very impressed with everything she has done and currently working on. So when she reached out to us to get the word out for her new project Shorts in The Fall, a mini production of 1-act plays I was excited to do it.

Jocelyn unofficially started writing and singing in high school but too shy to put it all the way out there. Officially she got her first gig in 2007. After a very lengthy audition process, she was picked to be a part of a girl group. Within the group, they were given an artist development coach and was groomed for additional auditions. Jocelyn’s excitement for this industry comes from loving seeing everybody’s perspective.

At its core, art is really a person’s interpretation of life and the way they process their experiences. When you see an artist really live in their element it’s a beautiful thing.

While Jocelyn does focus on writing, she would describe herself as a writer and singer that acts. As a writer, she creates her own products (poetry, books, and scripts), as well as does freelance work for others. She has also been a ghostwriter for children’s books as well as created bios and press releases for artists through her company Bloom Copyrighting and Consulting. As a singer, she has sung background vocals for Grammy–award winning artists and sang with corporate bands. As an actress, she has been cast as the lead and supporting actress roles in various plays and musicals in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

She got her training through Stage Ready, LLC located in Atlanta that provides training in acting, stage, and choreography ensuring that you are stage ready.


Coming up for Jocelyn is her production on October 13 that she wrote and directed called Shorts in the Fall. It’s a black box theater, a very intimate stage play consisting of 4 short stories. She is excited to have a very versatile, 5-member cast which will depict very real stories about things we have been affected by in some way. Some of the topics are heavy, but they are definitely not anything new. With this production, she wants to encourage empathy for people in tough situations as well as give people help for anything that they may be facing. None of the stories that will be told have simple happy endings because everything in life doesn’t always end that way. It was important for her to show raw emotion, the importance of seeking and having support, as well as people facing their own truths in different scenarios. They will discuss familiar topics: domestic violence awareness, suicide prevention, and love and relationships but with a twist.


I look forward to this play and also seeing what else this amazing woman will accomplish in 2016. Continue to follow her journey on social media:

Personal Instagram: @glam_jay
Production Instagram: @shortsinthefall
Company Instagram: @_readysetbloom

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