Ed Gordon returns to primetime TV on Tuesday, September 13 at 10 pm on Bounce TV. On the series premiere, Ed Gordon has a candid emotional conversation with members of Mothers of the Movement. Also, he will interview Nate Parker and the cast of the highly anticipated film Birth of A Nation. He will close out the show with a one on one conversation with Maxwell.

Bounce TV is the fastest growing African American network on television on the broadcast signals of local television stations and corresponding cable carriage. The network features a programming mix of original and off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, live sports, and more.

What Would You Like People to take Away from the Show?
-Wants people to support it, and say hey that was it. People want the harder stories, to have a variety and to have the run of the spectrum in one hour. Wants people to support the show and not just because it’s black but because it is a good show.

Advice for Young Journalists Out There:
-You have to build your own road. 95-99% of the people he started with are not with him anymore. You have to learn your craft and become a master at your craft. Whatever it is that you are seeking out whether it be journalism or another career, is to learn the history of your craft. You can’t master your craft without knowing the history.

What Would You Like to Cover?
-He wants to look at things that we talk about in the community but not talked about on television. Next episode he wants to tackle the question “Are you black enough?” And “What constitutes a black person?” Those are the topics I would like to cover.

On His Bucket List to Interview:
-OJ Simpson. He is the classic example of the question “Are You Black Enough?”

How Did You Develop Your Style?
-He grew up in Detroit and interviewed the legendary Coleman A. Young and said if you can interview him you can interview anyone. Learned that it is important to listen to what the person you’re interviewing is saying, not just having a list that you’re reading off of. Listen so you can answer follow up questions.

What Separates Him?
-Not to be more in the story. Remove yourself from the stories that you tell. He is a representative for the community. A representative from the community. Tries to keep some of the Detroit swag when he interviews.

On His Interview with Tupac Shakur:
-He tries to not have a preconceived notion before going into an interview. Tupac was an amazingly bright, young man. He mentioned that Tupac said “You could be my brother and can I call you sometime.” I remember telling him that “You’re not a gangsta, be careful who you hang with and soon after he was killed.





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Twitter/Instagram: EdGordon

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