We had the opportunity to visit Chanique Quinones at her Geek Junky Headquarters in Atlanta. Opening the door to the headquarters felt like opening the door to endless fashion opportunities. From the piles of fabric, the trunk of glasses, and the various lunch boxes lined up you have no other choice but to let your creativity flow.

Originally from the Bronx, Chanique describes her style as unconventional for the unconventional. She has always had a passion for anything unconventional and creative, so she decided to marry her unconventional and creative style with her love for fashion and share it with the world. The Geek Junky brand was inspired by unconventional fabrics, repurpose materials and Japan’s influential Harajuku whimsical lifestyle. One of Chanique’s goal is to be a costume designer for TV and movie sets., preferably for Tyler Perry.

Check out her designs and how she comes up with the unconventional styles:
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: geekjunky


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