I first met the founder and CEO Andre’ Josey through a mutual friend and from there we stayed in contact. I had the honor of being invited to one of her SECRET GARDEN PARTIES that was being held at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Now I consider myself a quiet and to myself person when it comes to my personal life but being surrounded by these wonderful ladies it made me want to share a part of my story. In the intimate setting we discussed our beauty regimes and shared our tips for inner and outer beauty and it felt like a cone of seclusion and a safe place to share. Sitting in the midst of these ladies was such a great experience, I suggest everyone attend a secret garden party and experience this amazing girl time.


The Beauty Campaign was born September 2014 out of a desire to find out what it really meant to “Love Yourself”. The first installment was a 30-Day campaign where women committed to focusing on their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. The campaign consisted of a daily scripture reading, daily journal activity, a personal exercise commitment, and a salad a day. A photo f the salad had to be posted to THE BEAUTY CAMPAIGN’S private group. The campaign commenced with the group participants with walking up Stone Mountain in the Atlanta area. THE BEAUTY CAMPAIGN is here to promote cultivating beauty from within through nurturing spiritual, mental and physical health. They invite you on this constant journey of growth and evolution through our global campaigns and secret garden parties.


“What keeps me going is knowing my purpose is bigger than me. I believe deep down in my soul that God is with me. When I wanted to shrink my life down to my own personal interests God wouldn’t allow it. I want people to know that God has not forgotten them, that he knows them by name and that he values them above all. There are people that I never met that are depending on me, and I truly believe that it is time to campaign for beauty!”

THE BEAUTY CAMPAIGN was a God given inspiration that came to Andre’ after going through a hurtful breakup. After being told by her mom she was beautiful and needed to love herself, Andre’ sought out to discover what being beautiful and loving yourself truly looked like. She had multiple conversations with friends who experienced similar situations. When she discovered that though these women were physically stunning, they had a similar void. Andre studied the thriving beauty culture. Where she noticed there was an ever-growing market to improve the physical beauty, however, there wasn’t much if she could find that put emphasis on inner beauty. Andre loves to be surrounded by friends, art, fashion, and Gods spoken masterpieces of nature.

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Check out THE BEAUTY CAMPAIGN’S website for more information, blog posts encouraging you to embrace your beauty inside and out, as well as their social media for beauty and garden party ideas.

Instagram: @thebeautycampaign
Facebook: Thebeautycampaign
Twitter: @TheBeautyCampai


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