I first got a glimpse of Destined at the BronzeLens Film Festival here in Atlanta. This amazing movie went on to win Best Movie and Best in Film at the Festival that is designed to shed light on films of color.


Destined explores the idea of destiny by following one man, Rasheed. A pivotal moment in a 13-year old’s life splits off into two different possible outcomes: in one, he becomes an up-and-coming architect being used by cynical real estate developers to gentrify his old neighborhood, and in the other, he becomes a powerful drug lord who rules his surroundings but may regret what he’s built. Corey Hardrict plays double duty in both roles of Rasheed.


How Did This Story Come About?

I have seen a lot and been around a lot of environments and two in particular. Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI where I spent a part of my youth in Detroit, I went to public school there and in my neighborhood, the guys who there, when I saw them after I came back to visit during college, some of them weren’t doing too well. My dad worked in a prison and he would call me and say, “Remember so and so? Well, he’s here now.” I would think to myself and say, what if I would have been around these guys? Would I have got into their lifestyle? I don’t know. I remember wanting to run with the boys. Maybe I would have been a gangster? I don’t know. I always thought it would be cool to explore that idea, what if? With Rasheed, played by Cory Hardrict I wanted to explore how drastically different his life could be if it went a different path.

When Can People See Destined?

We’re hoping to have the film open by the fall, but we haven’t thought that far yet. We are in conversation with our distributor now.

They will continue to travel the country participating in film festivals and exposing the world to the amazingness that is Destined.


Until it hits theaters follow Destined on social media:
Twitter: @DestinedMovie
Facebook: destinedmovie

Follow Cory Hardrict:
Twitter/Instagram: @coryhardrict

Follow Qasim Basir:
Instagram: @imqasimb
Twitter: @qasimb

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