I attended the Inland Seafood Experience here in Atlanta earlier this month. While there I was introduced to an exceptional organization, The Giving Kitchen. This organization provides emergency assistance grants to cover basic living expenses, care-related travel expenses, and funeral expenses for those who meet defined criteria.

The Giving Kitchen was birthed out of a beyond-expectation response to a devastating, stage-four cancer diagnosis of Atlanta Chef Ryan Hidinger in 2012. Ryan was well known in the Atlanta restaurant community for his work at Bacchanalia, Floataway Café, and Muss & Turners. The response to Ryan’s diagnosis was an outpouring of love and financial support that would help with expenses not covered by insurance. The community’s beyond-expectation response to the Hidinger’s crisis moment set the intent, beliefs, and values of The Giving Kitchen.

“I can’t say I remember or was cognitively aware when TGK donated money to my “fund”, but I am extremely aware of all the financial adversities I did not have to deal with, simply because of good-hearted people like Jen and Ryan Hidinger. The Giving Kitchen was designed to help people like me.”
-Angela Riley, LEON’S Full service


The intent of The Giving Kitchen is to be the beyond-expectation resource at times of unanticipated crisis for anyone employed in the Atlanta restaurant community. Peace of mind that they are stronger, beloved community is the outcome they hope to create.

The Giving Kitchen is guided by visible values. They act as an intermediary between the community and those faced with an anticipated crisis. Four such values help ensure they create the peace of mind they strive for. (Empathy, Community, Generosity, and Trust)

To help ensure their own sustainability, The Giving Kitchen has a unique hybrid structure as a non-profit with a for-profit subsidiary. The for-profit subsidiary is Staplehouse, a casual, fine dining restaurant located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. 100% of their profits are channeled back to The Giving Kitchen.

The Giving Kitchen provides two separate types of grants; a crisis grant that pays basic living expenses directly, and a matching grant that matches funds raised by a restaurant team on your behalf.


To apply for assistance, donate, or volunteer visit
Contact Leah with any grant questions or if you need any assistance with the application progress, or 404-640-6741.

This is a phenomenal organization that is unlike anything that I have ever heard about. I don’t work in a restaurant, but I am thankful that this type of organization exists.


Follow them on social media to further see how they help the Atlanta restaurant community:
IG/Twitter: @givingkitchen
Facebook: The Giving Kitchen

The Giving Kitchen “Will You Help Serve Peace of Mind?” from S77 on Vimeo.

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