Today we celebrate National Coffee Day. Sipping a cup of coffee is a perfect pastime and a great way to kick off a day or close a day.

I first experienced SHAY•LATTE on a film set and when I tell you that was one amazing cup of coffee. I later ran into them at the Atlanta Food Expo here in Atlanta and immediately recognized their logo. I love their mission and it speaks to creatives like myself.


“Our coffee is for YOU-the creative spirit human spirit who enjoys the artistic expressions and life. Now you have your very own coffee that inspires and supports the elevation of your creativity.”

SHAY•LATTE was creatively fueled in 2012 and inspires creativity. They fuel the creative minds: artists, innovators, and forward thinkers who love to operate courageously at their highest vibration. Their beans come from Cameroon located in West Africa on a small independent coffee farm owned and operated by their families lineage and additional close-knit co-op farmers in the village. The independent farmers and Team SHAY•LATTE take pride and joy in valuable coffee. They roast their coffee in tiny batches to lessen the waste and ensure bold flavor + fresh taste.

SHAY•LATTE coffee was designed for artists by artists. You don’t compromise your art. Don’t compromise your coffee. Their coffee is known to have a bold flavor with a smooth finish with no unpleasant aftertaste.


“We want people to recognize that they are unrestricted and we give scholarships randomly to help nurture their dreams to be creatively courageous.”

SHAY•LATTE is available in bean form and in the new ICED bottled form.


You can find SHAY•LATTE locally at:
• Savi Urban Market Midtown
• Candler Park Market
• Landmark Theatres
• Bennetts Market in Grant Park
• Sam Flax Atlanta

Their coffee is available in bulk and they are available to service film/tv sets, and all your event needs.


If you are not in the Atlanta area, that does not mean that you can’t experience the smooth flavor that SHAY•LATTE brings in each cup. You can visit their website and order and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Follow them on Instagram:

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