I had the pleasure of meeting the multi-talented Tyesha Hillsman on the set of a short film about a week ago. Her tenacity and passion for her craft is inspiring. Tyesha makes sure she utilizes her talents and maximizes every opportunity she is given. She has just come off of a great weekend where she graced the stage at the Black Women’s Expo and attended the A3C Hip Hop Festival here in Atlanta.

Ty as she likes to be called began in the industry three years ago and focuses her attention on writing, acting, production work, and spoken word. She is truly a woman of many talents and while a lot of people have things that excite them about the entertainment industry Ty doesn’t. For her the excitement comes from her desire to do the Lord’s will and for her to use her God-given talents to help empower and inspire people. Now that is not something you normally come across with a 24-year-old but she isn’t your normal 24-year-old, after one conversation you can clearly tell that she is wise beyond her years and she posses a wealth of knowledge.


When I tell you that Ty is always on the go and always hustling to perfect her craft, she attends writer’s workshops in the Atlanta area, spends any free time in the studio, was a part of a production crew at Purdue University, completed a collection of spoken word pieces, and has acted in several plays in her younger years. Ty is currently a production assistant for Bridge Builder Productions which is where our paths crossed as I was a part of the crew on one of their projects.


Coming up for Ty is more studio time, making videos for her spoken word pieces and networking so she can continue to build a platform for her work.

You can follow her on social media for videos and more about the projects she has brewing:
Twitter/Instagram: @spokenword_ty
Facebook: Tyesha Hillsman
LinkedIn: Tyesha Hillsman
YouTube: TyeshaHillsman (Spoken Word TY)

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