I had the chance to come into contact with K. Davis during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend here in Atlanta. She goes by the hashtag “Best Voice You Never Heard”, now at first I thought she was just being cocky but then she sang and I was like, “Okay, you can for real sing and an amazing singer at that”.

K. Davis is a Cleveland, OH native and officially went public with her artistry in the fall of 2015 but she has been singing and writing since she was a child. She blew her family away at a young age with “Weak” by SWV and from there she continued to sing and perfect her craft until she was ready to go public. Her training is unorthodox. She hears music differently and she follows that. It’s something similar to having perfect pitch. It’s like, either you have it or you don’t. She was born with a gift of singing and writing and she goes with it, and quite well. She is exploring various ways of bringing it out further. She has this feeling deep down inside that tells her that she has only been taping into a small part of what’s possible with her talent. Until then she is looking forward to what’s to come. She also has a gift to play the piano by ear. She is what some would call a musical prodigy, and I am excited to see what is to come from K. Davis.



Being in this industry gives you the freedom, the freedom to create, which is what excites K. Davis about the industry. When creative people are given the liberty and freedom to be creative, the possibilities are endless and what you get as a result is an amazing treasure that everyone can enjoy. Besides writing and performing she also has a musical clothing line coming out.

K. Davis is currently working with Grammy Award-Winning producer Edwin Tony Nicholas and has completed 2 singles and is currently wrapping up her very first album “The Awakening” all to be released together at her concert in her hometown Cleveland, OH in January 2017. Details of the concert and the release will be posted on on November 1. She will also be posting her new DOPE clothing line “High Notes” to her website as well very soon.


Nothing but greatness will continue to come from this amazingly multi-talented woman. Atlanta has nothing but love for K. Davis and will continue to follow her rise to the top. Follow her on her social media for updates.

Facebook: K.Davis Music
Youtube: K Davis Music
Instagram/Twitter: @KDavis_Music
SoundCloud: KDavis Music

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