From the first day, I met Tierra James we automatically clicked. Her witty sense of humor and kindness matched mine. We made the same sarcastic comments at the same time, it was if we were thinking the same things as we watched people. It all became clear when we discovered that our birthdays were two days a apart. Scorpio’s united!


Tierra is so multi-talented, she is a beast at creating. When you talk about grabbing some materials and making crafts, she takes it to the next level. She turns fabric and felt into earrings and has even made phone cases. Tierra doesn’t just make typical earrings either, these are those that turn heads and make people question where she got them from.

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During the day Tierra works full-time for a non-profit, and also serves as Blacc ATL’s creative liaison and correspondent. We are grateful to have Tierra a part of the team and cannot wait to see where her creativity takes her in the future.

To view her designs and to purchase visit and follow her on social media for updates.

Instagram: @shredfantasy

Check out her correspondent skills below:

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