I met this amazing man of God at LinkedUp Church, a place I am proud to call home about a year or so ago here in Atlanta. This dude is so in tune with nature and how nature aids in our health, blows me away. He conducts nature walks educating people on how nature will assist in your life. Including biblical studies along the walks only enhances the experience.


Nehemiah got started with his walk with nature with his interest in the biology field as a young field. His love for science gained him a degree in Biology from Claflin University. His degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry makes him well educated on how nature operates. With his further love for nature, Nehemiah and some friends birthed Corny Creation in the fall of 2015. He takes pine cones, acorns, and other pieces from nature and turns them into wearable art. I see it as a reminder that we should embrace nature and everything that it gives.


Everything about nature excites Nehemiah from the sun, to the rain that gives water to the trees, the detailed designs in the bark, the life giving veins in their leaves, down to their root tips and even spreading out to the soil that these plants thrive in. The focus for Corny Creation is to get people connected back to nature with their handmade, eco-friendly jewelry, art, novelty items, and educational Corny Adventures.


With Nehemiah’s degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry he is well educated on how nature operates. He also takes classes on a regular basis to stay up to date as well as being a member of the GNPS (Georgia Native Plant Society).

13254270_1547562675547247_8116315643122805944_nVisit Corny Creation website for all products and for new products releasing soon.

If you want to experience and connect with nature join Corny Creation on a Corny Adventure on November 19.

IT IS A FREE EXPERIENCE where you will explore the great outdoors like never before. They offer a nature expedition that involves touring the wild in the most unique way. They teach about the earth, explore God’s creation, experience community, and escape the common day to day life.

For further information and to learn more follow Corny Creation on social media.

Facebook/Instagram: @cornycreation

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