I met Jay Dukes through a mutual friend when we began to work on a short film that he adapted a couple of months ago. From that very short time we became like family.

Jay started in this industry while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Claflin University when he noticed a unique talent for hosting. Jay launched his career while still in college by hosting two national conferences and every event for his fraternity on campus.


The possibilities in this industry is what excites him the most. The fact that he can live and enjoy life by doing what he loves is a thrill. Jay usually tells college students all the time to “pursue your passion because a real career is that thing that you love to do; but you do it well enough to get paid for it.”


Jay focuses on wanting to become the BEST CELEBRITY HOST IN THE WORLD. But for right now, he has some doors opening in writing and acting in some upcoming projects. Jay’s training comes from Dwayne Boyd’s Premiere Actor’s Network; he has also been doing stand up since 2010. However, while he has the natural training he attributes his success and training to JESUS on High! Prayer and preparation is what Jay relies on.

“We have to realize that no matter how many people directly affect our life; God is the one who put them there.”

Jay is extremely blessed to be able to do a college tour every semester. He has performed at over 100 colleges/universities all over the nation. Also on the horizon is the short film we worked on Wounds of Time coming very soon.


This guy is so talented, creative, and ambitious, I cannot wait to see what else is coming up for him.

You can follow him on social media for updates and events:
Facebook: Jay Dukes
Instagram/Twitter: @jaydukes1911

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