I first met the super talented, hilariously funny, amazing Shayla Love while working as a production assistant on a short film earlier this year. From that first meeting Shayla’s energy and natural ability to entertain captured my attention immediately. Months went by and we reconnected on the set of Greenleaf and her energy and shine was still there.



Shayla’s background is in theatre but, for the past six years’ film and television has captured an intense waltz with her. Shayla attended a performing arts academy for theatre and has also studied with actress and director Terri J. Vaughn, the late actor Tommy Ford, acting coach Carl Ford and so many others who have shared GOLDEN knowledge with her in regards to the industry and continuing to be the amazing artist that she is.

The industry brings a certain zeal but what excites Shayla is the UBER excitement to really create your own opportunities as an artist. The industry especially in the southeast region encourages and supports an artist exploring multiple hats of creativity. “I LOVE THAT!”


Shayla focuses on acting, writing, filmmaking, and BEYOND! She always says beyond because she’s always working to expand as a creator. That is one of the things that I love about her is that she is always looking to expand and grow.

Upcoming for Shayla is Sketch. That is her favorite thing to write. She does that very well as I know first hand, hilarious stuff and really her niche. She has plans on launching a sketch comedy show in the 1st quarter of 2017 and is currently penning her second short film.


My motto is “Create don’t wait.” Period.
There’s always magic on the other side of creating.

As someone that has seen her work and seen her grown as an artist in a very short time I am excited and in anticipation for everything Shayla has coming next.

Follow her on social media for updates, her hilarious sketches and so much more:

Also visit her IMDB page for all of her projects.

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