It’s always interesting when you meet new people, I never think that it’s by accident. There is something that you will get out of each interaction if you pay close enough attention. I met Chazitear on the set of an Indie film that we both worked on early in 2016, THE MOTHERS and when I tell you that she is so amazingly creatively talented. Her humble and openness is what drew me to her and I will no doubt take her far in this industry.

Chaz as I like to call her began her life in the entertainment industry at the young age of 13 with a start in theatre productions in her hometown. The thing that has excites Chaz about the industry is the endless opportunities she can create for herself and her fellow creative beings in the industry.


Chazitear attended Augusta State University majoring in Communication with a minor in Theatre. She also participated in small theatre programs in her hometown. After relocating to Atlanta she studied with actor and director Terri J. Vaughn at the Green Room Actor’s Studio. Currently, she has the incredible opportunity to be mentored by writer Cas Sigers-Beedles.

In this industry she wears multiple hats and as a creative person it is very important to flex as many muscles as you can. In this industry if you want an opportunity a lot of times you have to create your own which is what Chazitear is taking advantage of. Currently she is writing, directing and producing her own projects as well as a few others. She is shopping around her first pilot starring her girls, The Fab 5 and gearing up to film the next one. But that is all that she can say right now.


“Be on the watch for my name, you’ll see it more often, sooner than later.”

You can check out her IMDb page (Chazitear Martin) for her work, however some of her Indie projects are not listed. You can also check out her first feature film which I have watched and loved starring Keisha Knight Pulliam, The Love Letter now available on Netflix.

I am so excited and in anticipation for what 2017 has in store for Chazitear because she is a creative beast and it is an honor just to know her.

Follow her on social media for more:
Instagram: @Chazitear
Twitter: ChazitearAkeeLa
Facebook: Chazitear Martin

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