I first met Lazell while we were both stand-ins on The Quad last year. I ran into him on other sets as well since then and as I watched him and his dedication to his craft inspires me. As a regular stand-in on Saints and Sinners, I am confident that Lazell will go far in this industry.

“A Man created by God’s Hands!
I am a King, a Father, Artist, Athlete, and so much More!”

Lazell got his start in October 2010 after he quit playing football. He was playing semi-pro football for a team in Sacramento, CA when a mind shift came and he decided he didn’t want to pursue football anymore. The next day Lazell went after his passion. FILM. He began studying Antwone Fisher and from that became his first monologue.


Stories are what excites him about the industry. Lazell can remember back to school when he couldn’t pay attention due to his imagination. Always the daydreamer, he always had a story in his mind. He loves that he is able to ignite others imaginations and speak for those who have no voice and be free to become whoever they want to be.

Lazell’s main focus is acting but God has equipped him with many gifts that he would like to explore. Recently he has designed a clothing line called Fourth Quarter. He’s also writing music and looking to jump into the modeling world.


Lazell has had an awesome opportunity to get his training on the job. Set life if you pay attention and take in everything around you can be one of the best teachers out there. Just having the opportunity to be in the presence of so many talented actors and actresses is an experience that acting classes can’t teach. Watching their acting style in person has shown to be very helpful for him. Becoming a stand-in has also raised has propelled his talent level to another level. Doing rehearsals in front of the camera utilizing different scripts and emotions has enhanced his craft as well.

Upcoming for Lazell is a film called Sustained he had the opportunity to be a lead in. A powerful film that will draw you in from beginning to the end. It’s a modern day story of the Biblical JOB.


Follow Lazell Brown on social media for more information and updates:
Facebook: Lazell Brown
Instagram: @iamlazellbrown

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