I met the talented, full of life Mercedes Sanders about a year ago when we both started working on the set of Greenleaf, Season 1. She had this sparkle in her eyes and excitement in her stride that immediately caught my attention. For me I can read people well and Mercedes is that genuine person and I can appreciate that about her.


Mercedes got her start in the industry in a unique way. Her first experience in TV and Film was when she was basically thrown in front of the camera when she was asked to be a stand-in on a production and had to learn everything in reverse in a sense. Mercedes also learned a lot when she got the opportunity to be an understudy for Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls in 2009.

What excites Mercedes about the industry is the growth and opportunities here in Atlanta. The TV and Film industry has exploded in Atlanta in the past few years. Atlanta has been named The Hollywood of the South or ATLWood. With all of the opportunities it gives everyone the opportunity to explore and break into the industry here.


Mercedes focuses primarily on TV, film, and producing. She has trained extensively in Atlanta and in L.A. She recently has completed training with Emmy-award winner Greg Alan Williams in his Actor’s Breakthrough course. Since 2009, Mercedes has worked with some of the top African-American women in the industry right now. You name them and she has probably worked with them. The actors that have impacted her journey in the industry thus far are Debbie Allen, Lawrence Jacob, Ron Reaco Lee, Greg Alan Williams, Oprah, Keith David, and Lynn Whitfield.


Coming up for Mercedes is work on an Indie film. Currently she is working on the #1 hit show from last summer, Greenleaf, filming right now for season 2. What better way for her to learn than from Emmy-Award winners and Oprah. I can attest that working on Greenleaf is beyond amazing and each day if you keep your eyes and ears open you will learn something new.

I am thoroughly convinced that Mercedes will go far in this industry. Her determination, willingness to learn, and passion will definitely take her to the top.


For Demo Reel and more on Mercedes follow her on Social Media and her Imdb page:

Instagram: @iammissmercedes
Twitter: @FilmMercedes

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