While attending a Black Chef’s Network event in December I was made aware of an amazing new program that helps feed the homeless and less fortunate and stop food waste at the same time.

Black Celebrity Giving (BCG) was created by Jasmine Crowe in 2011. The idea for BCG came from the vivid awareness of a lack of media coverage of not only black celebrities, but also black people doing positive things to impact our communities. Jasmine launched Goodr in October 2016. She decided to launch this through BCG because she has been feeding the homeless for over three years and realized there was a lot of food being wasted and wanted to create a solution. So she reached out and partnered with different restaurants and eateries to assistant with this intiative.



The App merges food rescue with mobile technology, provides economic opportunity to drivers, saves families struggling with food security, money and reduces waste in our community. While informing the donor of their impact in pounds donated and meals provided.

They’ve provided a mobile solution that rescues food and reduces food waste. Goodr connects donors with surplus food to non-profits, soup kitchens, shelters, and individuals who are food insecure. Their custom algorithm shows users how much food they rescue and meals they provide. They provide economic opportunities for drivers, while reducing food waste an saving families money.

In America 1 out of 7 people are hungry. In the metro Atlanta area more than 755,000 people including nearly 300,000 children and seniors live in food-insecure households. 33 million tons of good food goes to waste in the United States per year. Food waste cost us roughly 1.3 billion to dispose of.

76% of food insecure families in Atlanta battle the decision of choosing between paying for food or paying for utilites. Just 15% of reduction in food waste could save enough food to feed 25 million hungry Americans.


A few of the restaurant heroes that have committed to end hunger are Red Lobster, Starbucks, Nancy’s Pizza, Tom, Dick & Hank, and Chipolte.

Drivers are able to pick and deliver food in their area, they won’t be asked to leave their home area to pick up or drop off.



To sign up to become a driver, become a donor, or for more information visit:

Follow them also on social media:
Twitter: @GoodrFoodRescue
Instagram: @goodrfoodrescue
Facebook: Goodr Food Rescue

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