I had the opportunity to dial into a teleconference with the cast and production team of TV One’s newest original movie MEDIA. This movie executive produced and from the mind of Radio One’s founder Cathy Hughes takes you inside the good, bad, and the ugly parts of the media empires.


“There are two sides to every family.”

From the mind of Radio One’s Founder Cathy Hughes and the creator of New York Undercover about the cut-throat world of a major entertainment business. This heart-pounding drama looks at the Jones family who run the multi-faceted J.U.M.P. media company, nothing comes easy or without drama.


Michael Jones: Brian White (Stomp the Yard)
Jackie Jones: Penny Johnson Jerald (Castle, 24)
Chrystal Jones: Chrystee Pharris (Passions, Scrubs)
Anthony Jones: Blue Kimble (The Hunger Games)
Clay Jones: Pooch Hall (The Game)
Danielle Jones: Denise Boutte (Meet the Browns)
Will Randolph: Stephen Bishop (Being Mary Jane)
Giselle Marks: Jillian Reeves (Let’s Talk)

Stelio Savante (Ugly Betty, Making of the Mob)
Finese Mitchell (Saturday Night Live)
Jimmy Gonzales (Taken 3)
Diane Kirby (Returned)


Penny Johnson Jerald:
Jackie Jones is the matriarch of the family. She is a strong, powerful black woman. This character is great right now during the heat of this current political climate. She didn’t research her role, but did draw from several videos with Cathy Hughes. Media now has exposed awareness and we understand how the heartbeat of America now is. This movie will address what’s going on right now.

Pooch Hall:
This is a story that has never been told. You get to go inside the black media world. It’s understanding what it means to powerful. This movie gives you a closer look at what media is. The Jones working through their struggles of what family means to them.

Chrystee Pharris:
Her character Chrystal want to be like his mom but also wants to break away. As the only girl she wants to be little girl but also wants to be grown. Media is fun, sexy, hot, intelligent and black.

Blue Kimble:
He plays the youngest of the Jones’. He also is the youngest in his family and brought that into the role. He fell in love with the character and just thankful to be a part of the TV One family now. The timing of this movie is perfect for what’s happening right now in the world.


Denise Boutte:
This is a story about humanity and it doesn’t matter what their flaws are they cover them but because they’re family. It was great to breathe life into these characters. This movie shows you how media controls the narrative.

Brian White:
He was inspired to do this film because he was raised by a single mother, and the women in his family are business owners. He was there to celebrate the black women who paved the way. For his character and his marriage, he is not going to through anyone under the bus even when something goes wrong. Media will give you something new, something you haven’t seen before. You will learn the media game by watching this movie. It is imperative to watch and share this movie.

Stephen Bishop:
The youngest of the Randolph family (the rival family). It was fun to play such a complex character. This character was a stretch because it came from doing something he hadn’t done before. Was different than his character on Being Mary Jane. This movie is extremely special and a must see.



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