In a society that doesn’t always celebrate each other, it is great to see someone that is taking a stand and trying to unite each other. We salute Keeta Ingram for being that person.


The question is why are we are in invisible competition with each other? What is for you will be for you, you helping and supporting someone else is not going to stop your rise. So when you see your sister’s crown tilting a bit, don’t tilt it more help her put it back on straight.

“Your vibe determines your tribe”

Keeta not only created Tribe Called Queen Campaign to inspire her peers, but also is a production secretary for TV/Film, currently working on Greenleaf, and the founder of The Queen Movement that launched it all. The Queen Movement is a women’s empowerment network that encourages each woman to be the higher you. They operate a Teen Queen Retreat, which is a 3-day summer camp for girls ages 13-19 where they operate as a support group for young women needing to tilt their crown upright.

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Tribe Called Queen Campaign (TCQ) is a campaign created by Keeta Ingram and creatively directed by Porsha “Marlee” Roberson with a purpose to inspire their peers towards unity, love, and light.

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Brand Ambassador is Lovie Simone, who stars as Zora on OWN Network’s megachurch drama Greenleaf on Wednesday Nights.


Join The Queen Movement and to learn more about the Teen Queen Retreat visit them at thequeenmovementllc.com.

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Visit tcqcampaign.com to support the Tribe Called Queen Campaign.

Follow TCQ, The Queen Movement, and Keeta on Social Media for updates and how to get involved in the tribe.

Instagram: @tcqcampaign

The Queen Movement:
Instagram: @queenmovement
Facebook: The Queen Movement LLC

Instagram: @la_femme00

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