Shanti Das, a very accomplished Music Industry Executive for over 20 years, Marketing Executive, Consultant, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Author. An Atlanta native, she began her career in the music industry as a Promotions Assistant for Capital Records. She moved onto LaFace Records shortly after graduating from Syracuse in 1993. They named her the National Director of Promotions where she worked closely with label founders Kenneth “BabyFace” Edmonds and Antonio “L.A.” Reid. She created innovative promotional campaigns for Outkast, Goodie Mob, Usher, TLC, and Toni Braxton.


With her extensive experience in the music industry, Shanti started her own company in 2009, Press Reset Entertainment. It is an entertainment concierge service providing independent marketing and strategy for music acts, talent booking for private and corporate events, special events assistance, brand influencer marketing. They also focus on social entrepreneurship, providing downtrodden a hand up.


“Don’t be afraid to start anew, step out on that Leap of Faith, press “Your” reset button today”

In May 2016, Shanti launched Silence The Shame. As a sufferer of depression for years and experiencing love ones suffering from mental health awareness she began this campaign to bring awareness to the community. With Silence The Shame, Shanti hopes to peel back the layers of shame and stigma that normally is associated with mental health. There are millions of people that are suffering from not only depression but also mental health issues, they are just too afraid to speak out about it. Mainly because there is a lot of education that needs to be done in the community about treatment, support, and care.


For myself who has suffered and struggles with depression, this campaign comes right on time. Shanti hopes to start a national conversation that will lead to increased awareness and funding to support those living and needing help with their mental health conditions. She is currently enlisting the help of her celebrity friends and colleagues to jump start the conversation. One of her first supporters was Nick Cannon.


While depression and mental health awareness is a national issue, Shanti and Nick Cannon’s participation in the campaign is critical to bringing attention to this topic within the entertainment industry. So many people in the world of music, film, television, and fashion have suffered and are currently suffering from mental health issues. In today’s society entertainers often fear to discuss their struggles with mental health because of the consequences associated, cyber bullying, damaging gossip, and a possible loss of work. Silence The Shame strives to liberate anyone who feels suppressed discussing their mental wellness.

For more information on Press Reset Entertainment visit http://www.pressresetent.com

Join the conversation for Silence The Shame and share your own story by using the hashtag: #SilenceTheShame
Facebook/Instagram: @SilenceTheShame
To get involved with Silence The Shame visit http://www.silencetheshame.com

Also follow Shanti Das on Social Media for updates:
Instagram/Twitter: @shantidas404

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