I have met some of the best people on the set of Greenleaf, such creative people that do amazing, exceptional things outside of the show. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with these great people. Zachariah Rogers is no exception, I am grateful to know him and watch him on his journey to greatness.

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“This too shall Pass.”

Zach began his work in this industry with music in 2007. He has since became an accomplished music writer. He launched into the world of TV and Film in 2010. The excitement for Zach in the industry is being able to continue to grow and do new things each time he works on a new project. As well as the fact that he can use his art to express himself visually for others. His training includes method acting and improv.

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“My Current Situation is not my Final Destination.”

I am excited about everything that Zach has coming up. His talent, drive, creativity, and  positive outlook is going to take him far. Upcoming for Zach is BLERDS for RYSE TV where he will play MORRIS, Shots Fired (Episode 10) as MIKEY, Music and Murder as CAIN (Episode: Cain is Able), as well as an upcoming feature film where he will star his first lead role as JOSH.

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You can donate to contribute to the creative process of BLERDS by visiting their Instagram page (@ryseconnected) and clicking on their indigogo campaign.

SHOTS FIRED can be seen Wednesdays on FOX at 8 pm.

Music and Murder can be watched on Amazon Instant Video.

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Check out his work and updates on IMDB:
Zachariah Rogers

Follow him on Instagram for updates and inspiration:

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