I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Khaalisha Ajala speak last week at the Silence the Shame Mental Health Symposium. Listening to her speak about the type of patients she encounters in the hospital was very enlightening because I had no idea the amount of people suffered from overdoses and suicide attempts.

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Dr. Khaalisha Ajala, MD, MBA is a board-certified internist physician in the WellStar Health System in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Khaalisha Ajala received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Tennessee State University. She received her master’s degree from Strayer University. She received her medical degree from American University of Antigua School of Medicine in New York City. She completed her internal medicine residency at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Right now, in her practice, she treats patients that have overdosed or attempted suicide. Dr. Ajala is the person that you would see after you are moved from the emergency room into another room after the overdose or suicide attempt. Talk about a woman who rocks, I’m out at science.

Not only is Dr. Ajala a physician, she is a DJ (DJDocBintu), and also the founder of Heartbeats and Hip Hop, Inc., a nonprofit organization that seeks to erase health disparities in urban communities using the culture of hip hop.


Growing up as a hip hop head, hip hop was always a part of how she saw the world. It is how she learned the facts. KRS-ONE a hip hop legend taught how hip hop is the way, and she learned about what was going on in someone else’s neighborhood no matter where you were from. Hip Hop is not only the language of our culture but also for young people and has now become a universal language.


Since hip-hop is a universal language, why can’t it be used to help, reach, connect, and serve people in need? For Dr. Ajala gun violence is not the only thing killing men, women, and children in the hood, it is also their diet. Salt, sugar, fat, and lack of exercise are also harming our people. As a physician, she sees it all too often and it must stop. But how can it if no one takes the time to educate others about what they are putting in their bodies? Which is why she created Heartbeats and Hip Hop, Inc. They are a group of like-minded professionals, artists, and hip-hop connoisseurs. They care and seek creative ways to serve and educate the community about health.


“We must give back Y’all . ONE BEAT AT A TIME!”

You can visit Heartbeats and Hip Hop, Inc. for more information, events, volunteer opportunities, and donate at http://www.heartbeatshiphop.org

And follow on social media:
Instagram: @heartbeatsandhiphop
Twitter: @heartbeats&hiphop

Follow Dr. Khaalisha Ajala on Instagram:

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