The biggest-selling girl group of the 90’s is back and will make you feel nostalgic with their new self-titled album TLC.


After 15 years since their last full album, and a Kickstarter campaign that became the site’s fastest-funded pop project ever they are back. Their first independent album, no record labels interfering, just an album they put together with their fans and friends help. This final TLC album drops today, June 30.


“We’ve always done a lot of things outside of the box. And we have the freedom to do it with the fans; involve them in the development of everything.”

So, in January 2015, T-Boz and Chili launched the Kickstarter campaign for a new record, the first since TLC 3D. Within 48 hours, the Kickstarter raised $150,000 and eventually the total reached over $430,000.

“It’s only the music industry that creates walls that trap artists into these paradigms where you can do this or that”
-Ron Fair, co-executive producer on TLC


“The Kickstarter thing was a tremendous validation that none of that matters anymore. But, getting to the release of TLC, a two-and-a-half-year process, wasn’t exactly smooth. Child, dealing with writers and producers is like dealing with a whole room of kids. Once you finally figure it out, the singing part is cool.”

The album is stacked with uplifting, summer barbecue-ready tunes like their first single “Way Back” which T-Boz co-wrote and features Snoop Dogg.

Track List:
• “No Introduction”
• “Way Back” (Featuring Snoop Dogg)
• “It’s Sunny”
• “Haters”
• “Perfect Girls”
• “Interlude”
• “Start a Fire”
• American Hold”
• “Scandalous”
• “Aye MutherFucka”
• “Joy Ride”
• “Way Back” (Featuring Snoop Dogg) Extended Version


In tracks “Haters” and “Perfect Girl” they offer advice to young women with self-esteem issues. “Way Back” and “Joy Ride” they express loyalty and durability, both to each other and to their audience. “American Gold” is a political song, addressing the country in the age of terror.

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ absence is felt on this TLC album, although there is one brief interlude crafted using an audio clip of her ripped from the Internet. They blame the Lopes’ estate which released a post humorous album, Eye Legacy in 2009.


“The family held onto the other stuff. I guess maybe they wanted money or something. I don’t think she would be happy that people are trying to hold her vocals hostage.”

T-Boz and Chili didn’t try to replace Left Eye with a new rapper. As a result of this, the new music is more on the pop side. It also steers clear of attitude, except for “Aye Mutherfucka” which gives us that old TLC sass.

The new music consistently references the R&B/Hip-Hop feel of their 90’s prime. They give us the modern sound of Trap .


I’m excited about the new music, TLC has always been one of my favorites groups. I can remember when they first came out with “I Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” when I was a teen.

Follow TLC on all social media: @officialTLC

T-Boz: @therealtboz
Chili: @therealchili

Download or pick up their new self-titled album TLC wherever music is sold.

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