I have literally known Kirbee and her family since we were kids living on the same block in Michigan. I spent a lot of time at their house, and there was a lot of cooking being done by everyone.

Kirbee began cooking at the tender of 5. In Michigan, she had neighbors and family with various cooking styles that gave her a diverse training and a deeper look into the culinary world. Kirbee’s mother often tells stories of Kirbee in the kitchen experimenting with different techniques at a young age. Even though she couldn’t reach any of the counters in the house that didn’t stop her. She dragged barstools or whatever she could find to get cooking.

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So, after all, that you would think that she went on to get a culinary education when she grew up. But, after Kirbee graduated from high school she moved to Nashville, TN and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry and a Masters in Healthcare Informatics. These two degrees couldn’t be further from cooking, but it just goes to show that your education doesn’t always determine your destination.

Living in Nashville she discovered the rich culinary history that Nashville has to offer. Nashville has a mixture of traditional southern food, international cuisine and all the foods from transplants that relocated to the city. Nashville awakened a deep culinary desire within her.

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Kirbee gets such joy from sharing the love and having the opportunity to connect over a table of delicious food. The best moments for her are the seconds of silence that follow the first bite of food and seeing the expressions of pure enjoyment spread across a person’s face. Her culinary experience ranges from working with a catering company to branching out into doing some boutique catering in Nashville.


Kirbee knew that she wanted to experiment with a culinary business so out of that came KiNiMi Kitchen, an interactive and immersive cooking show experience.


“KiNiMi Kitchen has been an idea that I’ve have for a while and just recently gave it wings to free the idea from my mind. The interest has been great. My goal is to grow the show and see where I can go with it.”


“I love creativity and of course food. I’m researching and exploring avenues, and events to grow exposure and to help refine the idea and take it to the next level.”

With KiNiMi Kitchen it gives Kirbee the opportunity to share her passion for cooking with the world while exploring, developing and most importantly creating long-lasting memories.

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Kirbee has competed in several competitions in the Nashville area and has had a pop-up shop for her food at a Pottery Barn. Her amazing Shrimp and Grits were available to taste during the event. With this momentum, she is well on her way to making a name for herself in the culinary world, I say next stop is the Food Network.

KiNiMi Kitchen is available for catering, custom cakes, and baked goods. Contact them at

You can follow Kirbee and KiNiMi Kitchen on social media for more information.
Instagram: @kinimikitchen and @kinimi11

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Also, check out KiNiMi Kitchen’s YouTube channel to join the interactive kitchen fun.

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