Everyone knows Keshia Knight Pulliam as the adorable youngest child of the Huxtable clan on The Cosby Show. Even if never seen the show you knew who Rudy Huxtable was. Keshia is one of the few child stars that didn’t succumb to the typical wild child syndrome.


She went on to graduate with Honors from Spelman College in 2001 with a B.A. in Sociology with a minor concentration in Film. While at Spelman her entreprenual spirit blossomed as well as her love for political activism and philanthropy.

Keshia’s work with under deserved communities is something that I can relate to. I have such a passion to help in communities that do not have the resources or the ability to move higher due to circumstances.


When Keshia discovered the absence of positive imagery of young people, and knowing first-hand the significance positive women can have on their lives, Keshia started Kamp Kizzy in 2001. A non-profit foundation designed to empower. Kamp Kizzy is a free mentorship camp for youth ages 11-16 in Atlanta. This camp attracts kids from all around the country, and is impacting girls in unimaginable ways. With the development of this foundation, Keshia made a commitment to remain an active participant in the lives of young people.


The goal of Kamp Kizzy is to provide a series of workshops, lectures, and community projects, which assists in the growth, empowerment and evolvement of young people in Atlanta and surrounding communities. Keshia is a role model for the kids, and her public presence on and off the TV/movie screen has given her the platform to influence all those that come in contact with her.


Keshia devolved into another love that she has recently, cooking. While in her kitchen she developed a line of seasonings, Keshia’s Kitchen Collection Seasonings. She developed each spice blend with the goal of creating a collection of easy to use products that she would use to feed her own family. Each seasoning contains everything necessary to make a scrupulous dish. Meat, Poultry, and All Purpose seasonings contain all natural ingredients, in addition to being gluten free and Kosher.


Recently she threw her public support behind her TV father, Bill Cosby when she attended his trial. Keshia is one of the few people that has shown support.


“I came to support because this is where you hear the facts. This is where the truth happens. Ultimately, it’s easy to support someone and to be in their corner when things are great. When things are good. But…true family, friendship, integrity is how people show up and support when things aren’t looking so great, when they aren’t shining.”


Keshia also currently hosts her own podcast show every week, Kandidly Keshia. An intimate real discussion and look into her life, love and happiness. She has had Bill Cosby, and Deon Richmond on her show. You are able to learn more about Keshia the person, the sister, the daughter, the mother, the actress, the role model, and activist. Make sure you tune in and download each episode. @Kandidly Keshia

Follow Keshia on social media for more:
Instagram: @keshiaknightpulliam
Facebook: @TheRealKeshiaKnightPulliam
Twitter: @peachespulliam

Follow Kamp Kizzy and visit the website to donate:
Instagram: @kampkizzy
Facebook: @KampKizzy
Twitter: @kampkizzy

You can learn more about her seasoning line and purchase her seasonings on her website:

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