Le Vie Magnifique de CHARLIE (The Charlie Movie)


At the BronzeLens Film Festival last month, I had the opportunity to see a phenomenal film, Le Vie Magnifique de Charlie (The Charlie Movie).

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The Charlie Movie is a movie about living a carefree life, with a bit of Black girl magic thrown in. After her sister Brandy’s untimely death, Charlie’s approach to grieving gives the people in her life pause. Follow Charlie and her best friends Kayla, and Keturah as they go on a hilarious, wild, and exhilarating ride that will surely be the craziest day of Charlie’s life.


This movie shot entirely in Atlanta over seven jam-packed weekends with a very little budget gives a gritty New York feel combined with present day Atlanta flair. But, you could not tell by watching this movie that the budget was low. This amazingly talented cast and crew brought this story to the screen like no other. You could feel the camaraderie from Charlie and her friends ​like they have been friends forever in real life. The look of this film was heavily influenced by French cinema and early films of Spike Lee, Madonna, and Prince.

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Kortnee Price (Charlie)
Nikki Lashae (Keturah)
Lailaa Brookings (Kayla)
Ashley S. Evans (Brandy)

Writers: Bobby Huntley and Nikki Wade for Divadom Entertainment
Director: Bobby Huntley
Executive Producer: Chet A. Brewster for Davenstar 1 Entertainment


In her first role, Kortnee Price gives an outstanding, award-winning performance as Charlie. She was able to embody her 16-year-old geeky self into this role. Bobby allowed them to bring their own personality or version to their characters. It showed.

This film features an original song “The Best of Me”, written by Jypsy Nichols, Jeff Paige, Bobby Huntley, and Nikki Wade. This song brings the whole film full circle at the end.


This film is a must see. If you are in the Atlanta area, The Charlie Movie will be shown at the Peachtree Village Film Festival on September 24 at 3 pm.

Follow them on social media for updates:
Facebook: The Charlie Movie
Instagram: @thecharliemovie

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