I had the opportunity to participate in a media teleconference for a new controversial film premiering on TV One, Sunday, October, 8. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about this Bobbi Kristina film mainly for the family. Whether or not this movie was made to tell a cautionary tale of love, or to tell what people think is Bobbi Kristina’s story, I think the family has gone through enough. Cissy Houston lost her only daughter, and her granddaughter and Bobby Brown lost his daughter. It was just time to let it rest, and let the family rest, and then a movie surfaces. One of the executives said that this story could’ve been any girl and it could’ve been told at any time. But, the question arises, if this could have been any girl, then why wasn’t it just told about a fictional girl that was looking for love?

Bobbi Kristina Full Cast Without Background_FO_preview


Bobbi Kristina: Joy Rovaris (Stuck in the Middle)
Nick Gordon: Nadji Jeter (Grown Ups)
Whitney Houston: Demetria McKinney (House of Payne)
Pat Houston: Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill)
Bobby Brown: Hassan Johnson (The Wire)



Bobbi Kristina is a biopic inspired by the life of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who grew up in the shadow of her famous parents’ spotlight.


“In it’s simplest form, Bobbi Kristina is a film about a beautiful mother-daughter intertwined with both of their desires to be loved; one just happened to be a superstar and another an innocent bystander to her parent’s fame. Krissy, like most young adults, shares one side with her closest friends. This movie is told from that perspective.”
~Tracey Baker-Simmons, Executive Producer


“The tabloids painted a picture of two superstars who live a tumultuous life, but we often forget that in the process a little girl had to grow up in the limelight that she did not choose.”
~D’Angela Proctor, SVP, Original Programming & Production


This film has not come easy, and it was almost stopped from being shown on TV One. Bobby Brown petitioned for a federal judge to hear his lawsuit against TV One and Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley for defamation of character. Bobbi Kristina’s estate also joined the case.

Bobby Brown lost the case as of October 6 but, will reappear on Nov. 13. Judge Analisa Torres said, “Brown’s concerns that the Bobbi Kristina film defames him is speculative because he has neither seen the film or read the script.”


Brown’s claim against Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley suggest they unfairly took advantage of their previous work with Brown to make the movie. They were the creators of the docu-series Being Bobby Brown and The Houstons: On their Own and worked closely with the family.

Bobbi Kristina Black Background_preview

Joy Rovaris:
This is her first lead role. As a woman, she says you love hard and seeing love and life through Krissy’s eyes was intense. She wants to world to know the real Krissy and thinks that Krissy wanted a love like her parents but didn’t know how to go about it. She did her research for Krissy by watching the entire series of Being Bobby Brown.


Vivica A. Fox:
Says that this was important to portray. She knew the family personally, especially Pat Houston. So, she wanted to do it justice and make sure that she got all her mannerisms correct with a Vivica twist of course. Pat Houston took over the parental role for Krissy and she wanted to make Pat Houston as believable as possible. This film came out of love.


Demetria McKinney:
Always wanted to play Whitney. When she was a child, she would always tell people that is who she wanted to play. Her career and music were inspired by Whitney. She felt like this was an opportunity to honor her.


Hassan Johnson:
Playing Bobby Brown, the original bad boy was interesting to process everything and step away from everything he knew and just play the character. Love is the message of this movie, the unconditional love that the family had for Krissy.


Nadji Jeter:
He had the opportunity to spend time with her friends but didn’t know the impact of their relationship. Krissy’s friends would visit the set and shed light on who Nick is, and the relationship that he had with Krissy. It’s a story of love.


Rhonda Baraka (Writer):
She was drawn to the mother/daughter bond they had. Felt that she had to show that Krissy that was able to speak up for herself, which is what she said in countless interviews before her untimely death. It was important to tell the story from Krissy’s perspective, and stay true to her. She looked for information that wasn’t readily known.

Bobbi Kristina Key Art_preview

I have seen a portion of the film, and it is going to be an interesting film. This film picks up right before Whitney’s death and shows how Krissy returns back to the Atlanta area to deal with the grief.


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