Torrei Hart’s New Natural Hair Care Line “Heavenly Hart”



Torrei Hart is so much more than Kevin Hart’s ex-wife. This beauty is also an actress, producer, a mom, and an entrepreneur. She has teamed up with Nzuri to create a new natural hair care line, Heavenly Hart, inspired by her daughter Heaven.


“My main goal was to inspire women and let them know, “It’s okay to be you. It’s all how you rock being you.” I think once Heaven sees the magnitude of the Heavenly Hart line, it’s going to hit her.”

Heavenly Hart hair products are nutrient-enriched with proprietary vitamin blends and natural ingredients, such as saw palmetto extract and biotin for hair loss and hair growth concerns, as well as pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil, yucca root extract and silk amino acids. Torrei’s natural beauty mission is to empower to find our power and love ourselves.


“Life is a journey. Just enjoy every moment of it as much as you can. Of course, you know you’re going to hit hard times and that’s growth, that’s where we grow the most. But hang in there and just stay motivated. Keep going. Follow all your dreams no matter what. Just keep doing it because you never know what age you’re going to come into who you’re supposed to be.”

“But you can’t quit. Because if you quit, you’ll never know. Just keep going no matter what you go through.”


You can find Heavenly Hart at and

Also, follow Torrei Hart on Instagram @torreihart and Twitter @Torrei_Hart.

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