I had the opportunity and extreme honor to attend the private screening of the Unsolved History: Life of A King at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, Visitor Center Theater on Sunday, March 25.

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I learned so much during the screening. I had no idea that Dr. King had a younger brother that was marching and fighting alongside him. So, this was all brand-new information for me while watching.


UNSOLVED HISTORY: Life of A King, is the untold story of Alfred Daniel (A.D.) King, the younger brother of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This documentary explores the unanswered questions of A.D. King’s accidental drowning fifteen months after his brother Dr. King was assassinated​. You will hear exclusive interviews with King family members, including A.D. King’s oldest daughter and his wife as well as the people from the Civil Rights Movement that will speak first-hand about A.D. King.


“Life of A King reveals the untold, undistorted truth at a time when people need to know authentic historical information.” ~Josetta Shrospshire, Co-Executive Producer and CEO of Positive Promotions Ltd.


It was definitely emotional watching the documentary as his kids and wife talk about the man that ended up coming to the same demise as his brother. His son was the one that found him dead in the pool at their home in Atlanta. He remembers the police telling him that there was no water in his father’s lungs, which means he was dead before he entered the water. That in itself is traumatizing but eventually calling it an “accidental drowning” had to be devastating.


Presented by Sunwise Media and Postive Promotions, the one-hour documentary narrated by Emmy-winning news reporter, Ed Gordon will air on WATL-TV, Channel 36 on Thursday, April 5 at 11pm and again on Saturday, April 7 at 5 pm.


For additional air dates in your area visit sunwisemedia.com/unsolvedhistory.
Follow the movement: Facebook/Instagram: @unsolvedhistory

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