BronzeLens Film Festival has got to be my favorite Film Festivals. I look forward to it each and every year. BronzeLens is one of those things where it’s big, but it’s small. It’s not so big that you feel out of place and you can’t talk to people. It is a very approachable environment. From the moment, you step in you are treated like a VIP whether you are or not.


BronzeLens gives the opportunity to be exposed to films: short, feature, student, and even web series that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. Being in the presence of these amazing filmmakers, cast and crews are priceless. I still support these people to this day. The networking is an added bonus to the price of admission.


From the workshops, Masterclasses, special screenings, awards show, Women’s Superstar Luncheon and Brunch with the Brothers there is something for everyone. In the past at the Women’s Superstar Luncheon, Ava Duvernay and Queen Latifah were both honored. Brunch with the Brothers always brings an interesting perspective. Hearing from the guys on their experiences in the industry gives us ladies a one up.



One of my favorite memories from the Festival was about 2 years ago. Issa Rae was in attendance to screen her new HBO show, now in its third season. I can remember the HBO executive tapped me on my shoulder and asked if I wanted to interview Issa Rae. My eyes got super big and I was screaming on the inside but kept it together, and while I had no questions prepared I confidently said yes and was escorted to an area to interview her. That was my first big interview and it was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. After posting my interview, Issa Rae reposted it, yes, she reposted it. Greatest moment. My world was filled with joy.


You never know what will happen at BronzeLens, so you don’t want to miss a minute of the action. First class treatment all the way down to the volunteers. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even if you are an inspiring filmmaker, actor, actress, writer, or just starting out, this Festival is for you.


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