What Men Want is an adaptation of the 2000 Film starring Mel Gibson, What Women Want. In this new film, they give us a 2018 sassy feel. What Men Want stars Taraji P. Henson, and reunites her with Wendi McLendon and producer Will Packer.


Taraji plays Ali Davis, an ambitious sports agent trying to break the ceiling on the old boys club and make partner in the firm. As Ali struggles to make progress on her climb to the top she is magically given the power to read men’s thoughts and uses her new perspective to advance her career.

“Ali is a woman on a mission who is going to figure out how to succeed no matter what at all costs. When she doesn’t get what she wants, which is the promotion to partner, she goes into a little bit of a rut, she gets upset. But then she gets a gift. She wakes up and the first she thinks is it’s a curse, this is awful, I can’t get these voices out of my head. Then she realizes it’s a gift. I can use this to my advantage to get ahead of the guys trying to keep me down. Throughout the movie she’s on a mission, figuring out what she needs to get ahead.”
-Will Packer


“If you’re gonna redo What Women Want, you gotta do it with somebody who’s a true force of nature in that center role. You gotta do it with someone who has the skillset to be strong yet vulnerable and really, really funny. Taraji handles all of that. I love it because we haven’t seen Taraji in comedy in a while. She’s been killing it in the dramatic space on the big and small screen, but Taraji in real life is hilarious. So, for her to get a chance to do a comedy was awesome.”
–Will Packer

While this movie is a comedy, it comes at a time where Equal Pay Day is in effect and the Me Too Movement is so prevalent.


“As a character, agent and a woman, I want people to know that art imitates life and the only thing Ali wants is to be treated like her fellow male colleagues. She wants to be paid equally and recognized for her worth and her value.”
–Taraji P. Henson

“That’s why the timing of this is so important and relevant now. The conversation has never been louder and never more important than right now, regarding equal pay for women. So, to have a fun movie about the wish fulfillment of hearing men’s thoughts, but at the center of it is a really important theme of a woman who deserves to get better than she’s getting, that’s kind of cool. That’s the kind of movie we should be seeing in 2019.”
–Will Packer

Check out the trailer below for What Men Want scheduled to be in theatres Jan 11, 2019.

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