Tracee Ellis Ross opens up to Chris Spencer about her challenges with self-esteem during a very candid interview tonight on Aspire at 730 pm.

III 103 Tracee Stage 1
One would think that why would she have problems with self-esteem because she is a Diana Ross’ daughter but when you think about it, it would make her more prone to self-esteem problems with a superstar mother. Tracee breaks down her constant challenges with self-esteem and self-worth.

“Insecurity and self-doubt is a part of daily life and I’m a human being that has a vulnerable soul, and I do risky things in my career so that crops up all the time,” says Ross. “I think loving yourself is a daily activity that requires compassion and kindness, and it’s something I’ve learned how to do.”



Tracee finds help in seeking counsel from those that are closest to her. It is so important to have a tribe, those that you can turn to when you are at your lowest with no judgment. Without a tribe, you will not make it in this life, especially not in the entertainment industry. I have found this out first hand.

“Those are moments when I lean into other people – into my friends, those that can love me when I can’t love myself,” says Ross. “When I’m experiencing shame I share that with other people and they can hold space and sort of mirror back the larger truth of the experience than just what you’re seeing and feeling.”

III 103 Tracee White Background

A lot of times when you are sitting in silence by yourself, in those times thoughts will definitely creep into your mind and make you think you aren’t enough or such.

“When you are left with the self that you are, sometimes there are things that make you feel like you’re less than or not enough,” Ross declares. “And when left in the privacy of our own minds and between the ears, it can be a dangerous neighborhood in there.”

Make sure that you tune into this very intimate real conversation with this phenomenal inspiring woman.


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