The Sun Is Also A Star


Based on the Bestselling Novel, The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon comes a new movie starring Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton. Yara Shahidi stars as Natasha, a New York City teen trying to find her place among the stars, the world and the big city in the midst of disruption in her life.


The trailer for the movie has released and I am anxious to see more. It opens with Natasha (Shahidi) lost in her thoughts before she is swept up into the arms of a stranger who saves her from nearly getting hit by a car. The stranger is Daniel (Melton), quickly becomes captivated by Natasha. Daniel is the teenage son of Korean immigrants and attempts to use the encounter to charm the romantically skeptical Natasha. Daniel knows that true love exists and just needs Natasha to give him one day to show her.


So, the two set out on 24 hours of a romantic adventure around the city with karaoke and sun kisses before a twist threatens to cut off their cosmic connection. Natasha’s family are Jamaican immigrants and they are being deported. What will happen with their true love connection?


Directed by Ry Russo-Young and adapted for screen by Girls Trip co-worker Tracy Oliver will hit theaters on May 17.

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